CROISSANT #firsttrial

My failed croissants

For a beginner and home baker like me, I think making croissant is one of the most difficult things. It needs much technique and is a little bit tricky. Since a few months ago I’m curious about making croissants and dared to make it a few months later after a lot of watching and reading how to make croissant.

I learned a lot about croissant recipes and how to make that from the internet. I get so many recipes and found some different ingredients. Some bakers using milk and egg for the dough and some bakers do not, there is also a difference in the amount of adding butter and the type of flour (some use all-purpose flour and some use bread flour). From many recipes, I choose to make croissants with bread flour, milk, and without egg. So, this is a recipe that I used for the dough:

- 500 Grams Bread Flour
- 10 Grams Instant Yeast
- 10 Grams Salt
- 60 Grams Caster Sugar
- 100 Grams Butter
- 90 Grams Milk
- 140 Grams Water

For the butter sheet, I used 250 grams of unsalted butter.

And for the method, I read and watch from here. It’s helped me a lot to understand every step for making croissants:

- (This really helps a lot, they explain very clearly and are easy to understand)

The result was my croissant really failed. But the taste was still good and I can eat it. LOL. Here are some things that I think make my croissant failed.
1. From this recipe I think too much butter for the dough
2. The room temperature was too high and made the butter sheet melt fast
3. When I rolling the dough for the first folding, the dough thickness was uneven
4. In the second folding, I roll the dough not much thin
5. Because the thickness was uneven and the butter melt so fast, it made the dough layer was torn and the butter leaking
6. It made me can’t rolling the dough until very thin
7. I’m impatient while making the croissant. LOL

And here is the croissant that I made for the first time

The torn dough
The torn dough
The dough before proofing. It’s too thick and not fluffy. The butter out of the dough
Due to the butter leaking and the dough was torn, no layers and honeycombs are formed

Based on my first experience, I have some tips for you who want to make a croissant for the first time (This is also for me too hehe). I got this from some articles.
1. Be patient. Because make a croissant takes so much time, being patient is very important. Feel it and give all your heart. Okay I know it’s a little bit too much haha but I’m serious
2. Better make croissants at low temperatures (under 20°C). It helps to keep the butter from melting fast. Because I live in tropical areas, I make croissants in the air-conditioned room (In my bedroom. LOL)
3. The dough should not be too dry or too wet. Use a total of liquid 50–52% of the flour
4. You can use any merk butter that contains a minimum 82% of fat, but some merk of butter makes it easier to handle (you will know when you try with many kinds of butter)
5. If the dough is too warm place it back in the fridge
6. Make sure the thickness of the dough same
7. Rolling the dough much thickness in every fold

Okay, that's it. After this, I will do the second trial for better croissants and good luck for you who wants to make croissant for the first time!




An amateur baker and bachelor of food technology. Since I love baking this is will be my baking journal from the failed one until success.

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Baity Nur Jannah

Baity Nur Jannah

An amateur baker and bachelor of food technology. Since I love baking this is will be my baking journal from the failed one until success.

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